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Kitty Cats on Ice - PMS Episode #8

Kitty Cats on Ice - PMS Episode #8

http://mpora.com/videos/HnzQNmvR1 The eighth episode from the ladies at Peep Show, called ‘Kitty Cats on Ice”. We’re not quite sure what the theme is supposed to be this time, other than some rad female shredding of course.

Featuring the riding and laughs of Claudia Avon, Bryn Valaika, Jessie Huege, Julia Baumgartner, Darrah Reid-Mclean, Desiree Melancon, Danyale Pattinson, Joanie Robichaud, Sandra Hillen, Laura Rogoski, Marie-Helene Tremblay and Jess Kimura.


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