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Kalle Ohlson's Killer Bs from Pirates 'Bottom Line'

Kalle Ohlson's Killer Bs from Pirates 'Bottom Line'

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Check out an edit of shots that didn’t quite make Kalle’s part in Bottom Line, and a couple that did. Oh, and we wrote him a song to celebrate. Kalle Ohlsoooonnnnnnnnn…

Kalle Ohlson scored the coveted opening part in the Pirates movie Bottom Line this year, with a heavy mix of backcountry and urban hammers. “There must be more,” we thought, so we asked and Basti and Ludschi at PMP who kindly gave us access to his B-shots, and a couple of the ones that made the movie for us to cut together this Killer Bs edit. The footage was so frickin’ good we had to write a song dedicated to Kalle for the soundtrack. Mercury Prize, beware.

And if you liked this please buy Bottom Line on iTunes or on DVD from your local shred store.


“TENNESEE HAYRIDE” by Jason Shaw (http://audionautix.com/index.html)

Vocals: The Onboard Strangled Cat Concerto


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