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Jumping Kangaroos! by ShredBots

Jumping Kangaroos! by ShredBots

Matěj Kurzweil Matěj Kurzweil

ShredBots are back with a new banger edit from Perisher, Australia! After an epic one minute intro, showing us what riders do off snow, there comes a cannonade of tricks. Among many sick tricks you can see triple corks (Ulsletten and Sandbech) or a steezy bs 450 to boardslide (Badertscher). The list of actors is pretty heavy :

Torstein Horgmo
Per Iver Grimsrud
Torgeir Bergrem
Emil André Ulsletten
Gjermund Bråten
Ulrik Badertscher
Sondre Hylland
Silje Norendal
Helene Olafsen
Ståle Sandbech

Video by Leo Cittadella



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