Johnnie Paxson & MFM's FULL PART from FODT's Familia 2

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

MFM’s still a boss and Johnnie Paxson… the kid’s one of the dwindling cadre of riders that can hold it down in the city as well as in the BC. Check their parts from the banging FODT movie, Famila 2. Booom!

Paxson’s so tasty on his stunt stick he was the first rider Gigi Rüf recruited to his new brand, Slash Snowboards. His half backflip to nose press to half backflip out is nuts, but there’s way more about this part than that. And as for Mark Frank Montoya… the man’s still got one of the finest ollies in the game. Check this part out and then bag FODT’s Familia 2 from iTunes.



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