Is This The Most Overkilled Button-Lift Trick-Vid Ever?

Now for something a little different. It’s Friday afternoon, so you’re probably gearing down and getting ready for the weekend – and following on from our behind the scenes on lift building, we stumbled on this overly epic edit that should do the job nicely. We can’t say for certain, but we’re pretty sure no-one has ever made this big a deal out of tricking on a button lift…

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve seen people pull off some (kinda) cool shit to keep themselves entertained as they run park laps, but this is surely just overkill. From the super slow motion to the really long intro – we’re not sure that these kite-boarders are 100% serious in the first part of their edit – but either way they’re milking that frame-rate for everything they can get.

Then again, better a seasoned lift pro than this guy – for all we know he could be hucking triples, if he could only get up that damn T-bar, life is hard sometimes:


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