How NOT to be Like Scott Stevens Step One: Epic One-Foot Slam

Scott Stevens may make his mind-bending one-foot tricks look easier than doing a tail press on a down bar, but we can assure you that they’re more difficult than they look…

Take this dude for example. If you’re going to attempt a trick with only your front foot strapped into your snowboard and are planning to keep your knees intact, we’d suggest going at a moderate speed first before absolutely sending it.

This is a perfect example of how NOT to be like Scott Stevens… Thanks to reader Guilherme Lopes for stacking it on film and sending it in to us!

Hey guys, I got this amazingly stupid bail flying 8 meters and hitting right on the flat trying to be Scott Stevens 1 footing stuff, would it be worth sending it to you for the bails you post?

In short Guilherme: yes, yes it would.

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