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HCSC 2013 Session 5 Recap

HCSC 2013 Session 5 Recap

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Peep the latest montage of mindblowing summerboarding from Mt Hood as HCSC drop their Session 5 recap edit. Oh, and that Jaeger Bailey fella is a loon – front board to heelcatch backflip? Handstand to boardslide? Silly season indeed…

Featuring: Jaeger Bailey, Mike Ravelson, Bode Merrill, Deadlung, Scott Stevens, Spencer Schubert, Justin Bennee, Bode Merrill, Randy Vannurden, Sage Kotsenburg, Vinny, Pat Bridges, Richie Conklin, Marie Hucal, Max Warbington, Garrett Warnick, Andrew Aldridge, Brandon Reis, Red Gerard, Zack Normandin, Brandon Sakiewics, Jayell White

  1. Donald Cruickshank

    whats the song in this vid? I’ve been tryin for ages to find it

  2. Tymoteusz Kałużewski

    Trust – Sulk


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