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Halldor Helgason's 2011 Hoppipolla Highlights Reel

Halldor Helgason's 2011 Hoppipolla Highlights Reel

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

This banger edit from the Hoppipolla Headwear guys splices together some of Halldor Helgason’s bangers from the 2011 season. And it’s a good ‘un.

Sure, Halldor’s A+++ footage is headed straight for TB20 and the Helgason’s own voyage into the moviedrome, Sexual Snowboarding, but this kid’s just way too good at bagging shot so Hoppipolla honcho and ex-Factor Films director Petter Foshaug has put together this edit of some of his season highlights that’s still legit. There’s even some shots of his brother Eiki and buddy Gulli Gudmundsson, and EVEN the world’s smallest frontside 720 ever to keep you happy.

Check it.

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