Halldor Helgason’s 2007 ‘Sponsor Me’ Tape

Riders’ old sponsor me tapes are awesome. Have a look at Halldor’s from 2007 when he was just riding for his local shop in Iceland, and have him break down how his career progressed from there. It’s inspiring stuff for any talented young shred rats with dreams of making it as a pro snowboarder. Oh, and don’t ask why Halldor capitalised almost every word in the following – we have no idea. We’ve left it as it is because it made us laugh…

I Just Found This Sponsor Me Tape On My Old Ipod, I Made This Video Myself In 2007 When I Was 16 Years Old Still Riding For My Local Shop In Iceland Called BRIM, 1 Year After I Got Hooked Up By DC Sweden Thanks To This Video, Then The Year After That i Got To Do A Few Trips With The Main DC Team, Year After That I Got A Contract From DC Global. And From There On I Am Where I Am Today… Shows That Everybody Can Do The Same As I Did!

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