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Gnarly Crew Shreds Bear Mountain

Gnarly Crew Shreds Bear Mountain

The Gnarly team shreds Bear Mountain. ‘Who?’ you guys with a ridiculously short memory will ask, and we will reply ‘Those guys from that fun apparel brand Keegan Valaika and his mates started.’ Yeah, it is them, or, to be more specific: ODB, Meth, Cody Rosenthal, Keegan Valaika, Chris Bradshaw, Chris Brewster, Justin Mulfrod, Harrison Gordon, Alex Hereford, Jon Francis, Anthony Mazzotti, and Ryan Tarbell. And since the clip also features Benny Urban, our favourite snowboarder from Northern Germany, this clip is officially Onboard-approved.

Film/Edit: Bryce Fontenot, Keegan Valaika


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