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Geoff Brown FULL PART from Kill Your Boredom

Geoff Brown FULL PART from Kill Your Boredom

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

We didn’t know who Geoff was before we checked his full part. Turns out he’s pretty, pretty good. 

This is what the blather says: “Member of the legendary Crapneto crew, rider in Sandbox movies, and all around happy-go-lucky joined the infamous Voleurz family in 2012. We couldn’t be more excited to have worked with this humble, punctual and dude-man-of-many-talents for the last 12 months. Please enjoy his 2012 segment from Voleurz “Kill Your Boredom”.”
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  1. the fooo

    You really didn’t know about crapneto?

    What the hell are you doing on a snowboard mag


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