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Is Toby Miller the Next Shaun White?

X Games have dropped this video showing how 14 year old snowboarder Toby Miller is being groomed by coaches, working hard in the gym and adjusting his mindset to be ‘the next big thing’ in snowboarding…

We first clocked Toby last year when he dropped his season edit, but haven’t really seen much of him since.

Now don’t get us wrong, Toby is one talented kid with a big bag of tricks and a ton of potential ahead of him, but did anyone else find it a little disturbing that this kid is essentially being manufactured as ‘the next Shaun White’, complete with Pop Tart and Energy drink sponsors slapped all over him?

We can’t help but feel like Toby should just let his riding and personality evolve naturally, rather than being sculpted into some sort of pre-pubescent, triple corking supergrom. But maybe it’s just us.

Give the video a watch and let us know what you think on this one…


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