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Scott Stevens Full Part From 'The Last Ones'

Scott Stevens Full Part From 'The Last Ones'

Matěj Kurzweil Matěj Kurzweil

Ho ho ho Santa dropped a present for us in the form of Scott Stevens’ Full Part! We gotta say that sometimes it ain’t easy to fully comprehend what exactly is going on in there. Scott is playing a whole different league and it’s super fun to watch him play!

Videograss – ‘Scott Stevens just might be the most creative snowboarder to walk the earth. Last year, with the support from 32, Etnies, Capita, Coal, Crab Grab, and Smith we were able to help Scott film one of his best parts ever. He is a true genius, innovator, sleep eater, and all around amazing alien. To see more from “The Last Ones”, go download a copy now from iTunes or buy the DVD while supplies last.’

‘The Last Ones’ Teaser


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