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Nic Sauve’s Full Part from Deja Vu

Deja Vu have dropped Nic Sauve’s full part from their two year movie project and it’s a corker. The movie is out now on iTunes so if you like what you see, go snap it up! We can tell you now that it’s one of the movies of the season.

Nic Sauve absolutely kills it in his Deja Vu part which is filled with big, creative rail riding, inverts out of wallrides and technical transfers from rails to rails, rails to walls and rails to pretty much everything else…

To coincide with the release of the part, the Deja Vu guys have released the full movie on iTunes. We downloaded it at the Onboard office last night and sat round with a few beers to watch it, and as expected, it’s pretty next level.

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