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Louif Paradis Season Recap

Louif Paradis Season Recap

Hands down, Louif Paradis is one of the best urban snowboarders on this planet. Luckily for all of us, whenever he goes snowboarding, a few camera guys tag along. Even better, his sponsors Salomon and Bonfire compiled this season recap video for us to enjoy.

Bonfire and Salomon Snowboards present Louis-Felix Paradis. This video features footage that earned him the 2012 X Games Real Snow gold medal, some of his time spent on Team Vacation, and some footage that until now, no one has seen. Louif is not a loud, in-your-face type of guy; he takes technical riding to the streets with modesty, unparalleled grace, and deafening style. Thousands have emulated him, but there can be only one. This is Louif. Guest riders: Chris Carr, Taka Nakai, and Frank April Filmed by: Hayden Rensch, Tanner Pendleton, Matt Roberge Edit: Tanner Pendleton Additional clips filmed by: Java Fernandez & Chris Carr


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