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JP Walker’s Full Part from Jibberish Season 2

The Don is back with yet another banging full part, edited by himself! That’s what we call full artistic control. JP Walker is already a legend, and this action from the winter season 2012/13 will only add to that. This is not just recycled footage from the second season of his and Simon Chamberlain’s web series Jibberish, his full part also contains tons of unseen footage. “Enough said, watch the video.”

Edited by JP Walker 
Motion Graphics by Jesse Denes
Produced by Roberta Walker/Infamous Management Inc
Directed by JP Walker, Simon Chamberlain


Website – AbsoluteJibberish.com
Youtube – youtube.com/AbsoluteJibberish1
Twitter – twitter.com/JibberishSnow
Facebook – facebook.com/AbsoluteJibberish
Instagram – @JibberishSnow

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