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Jaeger Bailey 'Mind The Video Man' Full Part

Jaeger Bailey 'Mind The Video Man' Full Part

Matěj Kurzweil Matěj Kurzweil

This 20 – year old american powerhouse has been blowing minds in the recent years but we think he only just begun to show the world what he’s capable of on a snowboard.

His part in Think Thank’s ‘Mind The Video Man’ was amazing and his new part in ‘Brain Dead Heart Attack‘ (click to peep the teaser) is simply psycho. Jaeger is one of the most talented riders out there and it is always a pure joy to watch him riding. He recently won the crowdpleaser award at the Rock A Rail 2013 in the Hague. After that he came to have a beer with us at the Oktoberfest here in Munich and lets just say Jaeger doesn’t do things halfway!


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