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Dillon Ojo - 'Bangarang' Full Part 2013

Dillon Ojo - 'Bangarang' Full Part 2013

Matěj Kurzweil Matěj Kurzweil

You have probably already heard about this kid from Quebec. And in case you haven’t, after watching his full part you will remember him for sure.

This well deserved ender from the ‘Bangarang’ movie is one of the best jibbing full parts we have had here this season. Every single trick is a banger! Talent always speaks for itself, but in Dillon case, it’s fucking screaming ! Le Black is on the serious come up and could easily be in the “Rookie of the year” categorie. If you don’t believe me just click play and when the video is over just picture me saying ‘I fucking told ya’!


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