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Annie Boulanger 2013 Full Part

Holy shiiit! This is what we call a solid backcountry part! Pillow lines, big jumps, gnarly drops and steep steep mountain faces that even Jeremy Jones wouldn’t be ashamed to hit. And that avalanche escape! Pff..

Annie Boulanger has never been one to follow the pack. With a calculated and calm demeanor, she broke away from the contest scene in the early days of her career and shifted focus to riding backcountry–an area of snowboarding largely dominated by men. Using Alaskan faces and BC cliff bands as her proving ground, Annie has crossed gender lines and today has become one of the most respected female riders out there. The following video is Annie’s footage from 2013, and after over ten years of reinventing the landscape of women’s snowboarding, this is one of her best videos parts yet.

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