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A Full Year With Ozzy Henning

Without wanting to sound like his mum, Ozzy Henning is something special. Whether it’s his unique approach to tricks or his undeniable raw talent, he’s the kind of snowboarder that requires very little, if any energy to watch. Check out his full part above and we think you’ll agree.

There are few snowboarders these days that manage to strike the perfect balance between creativity, technicality and amplitude, but Ozzy is a dude who has got it down to a science. He can go massive on kickers while doing the most retardedly sick grabs, and is equally at home doing nollie backtail 270s on street rails.

This full part, which represents all of Ozzy best bits from Rome’s excellent 12 months web series is well, well worth a look in. Ozzy may just become your favourite new rider…

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