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WhatWeWantFilms – ‘Incoming’ Full Movie 2013

Tyler Chorlton and Gerome Mathieu set up their own movie production two years ago and called it WhatWeWant Films. The expectations were quite high after last year’s smashing movie ‘Levity’, but the boys took it to the whole new level this year. Their second movie ‘Incoming’ is a total banger!

There is something for everyone – huuuge backcountry booters, steep lines, big drops and the sickest rails. The movie’s been mainly shot in the backcountry and the streets of Switzerland and Canada but the crew also went to Austria, Sweden, Japan and France.

The ultimate standout is Gérome Mathieu’s ender part and the bail section is also pretty heavy (mark 21:00 – 22:40)

Featuring: Ville Uotila, Tyler Chorlton, Anto Brotto, Fred Couderc, Valérian Ducourtil, Ben Thomas Javid, Johann Baisamy, Emilien Badoux, Jonathan Charlet, , Kale Stephens, Féfé Pellacani, Tobi Strauss, Kareem El Rafie, Gérome Mathieu and more.

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