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‘Southern Nights’ By Rusty Toothbrush

Rusty Toothbrush’s short movie ‘Southern Nights’ is fast paced 5 minutes of RAW urban snowboarding in New Zealand with a little night kicker session.

Rusty Toothbrush –If you didn’t already know snow seldom falls to the streets of Queenstown, so Alex and the crew set out on a mission to change the game. With the help of a trailer, some shovels and a little kiwi ingenuity, scavenging for what scraps of snow they could find this 5 night compilation of greasy perfection slammed, crashed and stomped itself onto your computer screen just like the sweat stained production you will grow to expect from the many desperate snowboarders riding the RustyToothbrush. Its ready waiting right before your eyes. So stand up, chant loudly, enjoy the chaos and if your still not satisfied… follow our Adventures at RustyToothbrush.com

Featuring: Alex Stewart, Troy Tanner and Daniel Medina
Cinematography by: Rupert Critchley
Edited by: Alex Stewart