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Get Outta Town Full Movie with Devun Walsh, Iikka Backstrom, Ryan Tiene and more

The Get Outta Town series has for sure been one of our favourite snowboard series’ to watch this year. The full movie has dropped and it’s a great way to spend 21 minutes and 37 seconds of your time.

With a line up consisting of Devun Walsh, Ryan Tiene, Dustin Craven, Eero Niemela, Benji Ritchie, and Iikka Backstrom, you know exactly what you’re getting before you hit that play button: big, explosive backcountry freestyle in the Whistler backcountry. Expect sleds, bluebird skies, amazing powder, backside 180s and a slew of heavy technical tricks that’ll make you’re jaw drop.

Watch more from the Get Outta Town Series here

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