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BLV/NTHNG – ‘Farewell Flowers’ 2013 Full Movie

BLV/NTHNG is a brand/production company started early in 2011 by a bunch of artistic hippies and they just dropped their second full length snowboarding movie ‘Farewell Flowers’.

There are four main parts from Sebi Müller, Gerald Fuchs, Florian Galler, David Struber and plenty of tricks from their homies. Most of the scenes for this movie was shot in the season 2012/13 around Austria.

Featuring Sebi Müller, Gerald Fuchs, Florian Galler, David Struber, Florian Pötzl, Georg Ischepp, Georg Obermeissner, Simon Reichel, Dominik Wagner, Benny Urban, Marc Swoboda, Matic Zavodnik, Marc Salas, Steve Grumser, Lukas Lengle, Kas Lemmens, Michael Miethig, Alex Mosler, Daniel Rajcsanyi, Alex Tank.

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