Frontside Double Corks from the Burton Team

Though we have to say Mark McMorris’ ‘dubs’ look  more like good old fashioned corked frontside spins to us, there’s a whole bunch of eye-popping double dipping in this edit from Burton, from dudes like Shaun White, Jussi Oksanen, John Jackson, Mikey Rencz and more. More corks than a winery…

These days it seems like everybody and their little brother can double cork, but doing them so they look good is like doing a whole other trick. Here are a bunch of frontside double corks from Mark McMorris, John Jackson, Roope Tonteri, Christian Haller, Danny Davis, Shaun White, Jussi Oksanen, Mikkel Bang, and Mikey Rencz. Enough corks to make your head spin.

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