Freddy Austbo’s Parallel Lines

Rad little concept video of Freddy the Fox bossing it on snow and skate. As Rhythm’s PR machine sniggered, “Freddy ‘The Fox’ Austbo is a bit like Shaun White, except he doesn’t have ginger hair or a pro model razor scooter.” He can also stake a claim at having the best pipe frontside alley-oop in the game – we’d pay to see him and Markus Keller settle that score in Laax.

Featuring the ridiculous crossover transition skills of Freddy ‘Fox’ Austbo.
Music: ‘The One I Love’ by Parliament of Owls (Cignol remix).
Concept/film/edit: Jason Horton
Locations: Vaduz skatepark / Laax halfpipe, Switzerland.

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