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Freddy Austbo's Parallel Lines

Freddy Austbo's Parallel Lines

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Rad little concept video of Freddy the Fox bossing it on snow and skate. As Rhythm’s PR machine sniggered, “Freddy ‘The Fox’ Austbo is a bit like Shaun White, except he doesn’t have ginger hair or a pro model razor scooter.” He can also stake a claim at having the best pipe frontside alley-oop in the game – we’d pay to see him and Markus Keller settle that score in Laax.

Featuring the ridiculous crossover transition skills of Freddy ‘Fox’ Austbo.
Music: ‘The One I Love’ by Parliament of Owls (Cignol remix).
Concept/film/edit: Jason Horton
Locations: Vaduz skatepark / Laax halfpipe, Switzerland.


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