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Eero Ettala's Mt Hood Vacation

Eero Ettala's Mt Hood Vacation

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

In a fit of Dad-joke comedic genius we were going to title this ‘Eeros Do America’, but then we watched it, found out that as well as Eero Ettala and Eero Niemelä this also has the Scandic skills of Iikka Backstrom and Freddy Austbø in it. Oh well, it’s still a super funtime edit that will make you want to get your shred on ASAP. Check it!

There’s a good amount of mellow, fun-looking riding in this from the boys, plus some skating and general summercamp malarky. Plus there’s lots of Methods. We liked this.

Ruiner of Dad jokes; Master of Methods. Iikka Backstrom.


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