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Eero Ettala's Full Part from Euro Gap 3

Eero Ettala's Full Part from Euro Gap 3

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Check out Eero Ettala’s heavy full part from last season’s awesome Euro Gap 3 movie. Guaranteed 100% frickin’ awesome.

Euro Gap 3 was one of the Onboard crew’s favourite movies of last season, with the predominantly Finnish cast finding that winning mix of high-octane shredding and fun-time fuckwittery.

Eero Ettala was instrumental in not only bringing back the Euro Gap flavour for one last dance, he also scored one of the movie’s best parts, showing off his circular skills from downtown to the park to the BC. Hell, he was so stoked on the project he even went full chimp and got naked. Now he’s dropped his full part online so you can marvel at the size of his balls…

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