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Dual Snowboards? WTF?!

Dual Snowboards? WTF?!

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

http://mpora.com/videos/rFhIrtcXN When we were told about this we were sure it was some kind of amazingly well-executed joke. Nope. Enjoy 4 minutes of the worst idea in the world in action.

What is it with people constantly wanting to re-invent the wheel? We have skateboards, and they are great. So why does someone feel it necessary to invent that retarded wiggleboard thing? Likewise with snowboarding – it’s safe to say that a snowboard works pretty good, so what possessed these people to make what they have dubbed ‘Dual Snowboards’?

The new name in alternative snow sports? We never thought we’d see the day when something would come along that is even dumber than skiblading.

As our French editor said, “I love it when they run…”

  1. beth

    dont knock it till your try them out , i am a snowboarding and gave them a go in milton kenyes and also hemel aswell and they are sooo much fun you get soo much more freedom with them in tricks and have more room for movement.

  2. Stick Your Trick

    Hi there.

    We are distributors for Dual in Europe. Beth, glad you have tried them. You are the classic example of every person that has.

    Not everyone will come around to experiencing this new fun device as some are more content to sit at their desk and slag them off. Oh well, once upon a time snowboards went through the same drill. Some people tend to forget that.

    These things are about having fun. So once in a while we have a drift through the forums and see what people are saying. It can be entertaining! We may not be around on the forums very often to answer more posts on the threads, because we prefer to be out riding – guess what…we ride Duals and snowboards and skis…surfboards, motorbikes and more. Duals are here as a new snow device. Nobody said stop whatever else you are doing. Unfortunately too many comments come flying in like there is some kind of a challenge against whatever they currently ride. Chill and enjoy the ride. Whatever you strap into.

  3. Tim

    Hi I’m Tim from the Netherlands and I am one of those people who first read all forums and reviews before I took a decision to buy. The majority of the comments in these forums and websites were positive.
    I love skiing, snowboarding and new challenges. Always searching for more. After googling in the Netherlands I came out at http://www.dualsnowboardshop.nl and that’s also the place where I bought my Dual Snowboards. I’ve tried them last week at my holiday in Austria and I am fully satisfied. A lot of peole were interested :)


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