Doodah Meets Nicolas Müller

One of the immutable Laws of Snowboarding is that any video with Nicolas Müller in it will be worth watching. Another is that riding with him is funner than a bath full of boobs, so watch this!

Doodah is a chain of Swiss snowboard stores who throughout the season will be sending some of their team riders to hook up and rip with shredding’s great and good at their gaff. They kick off by dropping in on the boss of bosses, Mr Nicolas Müller and hot-lap their way through Laax pow. Riding with Nico is one of the most enlightening experiences in shredding, and the boys clearly had a grand old time…

Riders: Menno Labruyère, Dario Kneubühler, Markus Mathis and Bastian Jauslin.