DC Area 43 Méribel-Mottaret: Franck Moissonnier edit

Franck Moissonnier has been killing it all winter long on the DC Area 43 park in Méribel-Mottaret, and here’s the proof, fools.

Ride With Me EP13 @ DC AREA 43 Méribel-Mottaret
Rider: FrankyMoiss
Musics: Audionetwork: Come On Over (1642/5) Richard Lacy (PRS) / Sarah Elisabeth Lacy & Vengeance-5-(Sting)
Filming by: Frédéric Marchadier, Ben Chadourne, Martin Campi, Regis Leon, Victor Loron, Zoi Marchenko, Martin Vernier, Ben TJ & FrankyMoiss
Editing: FrankyMoiss
Board: Park: DC Lauri 153, BC DC Devun 162
Partners: Electric, DC, GOPRO, XSories

Francky, FS 3.
Francky, Cab 5.