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Day in the Life with KBR Prod's Petrus Koskinen

Day in the Life with KBR Prod's Petrus Koskinen

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Our buds at KBR Productions will be getting all behind-the-scenes on their crew as they spend the winter filming for next year’s movie. Here’s the first: a Day in the Life with rider/producer Petrus Koskinen. Finland represent!

Here’s what the dudes had to say: “We will be showing during the 2012 season what happens behind the scenes of KBR. In the first episode we have a look at a basic filming day in January with Petrus Koskinen.”

Filmed, edited and cut by Mikko Suomalainen.

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Riders in the episode: Petrus Koskinen, Antti Jussila, Aleksi Kemiläinen, Sakari Lähdesmäki, Sami Luhtanen & Janne Lipsanen.


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