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Daniel Rajcsanyi - The German Jed Anderson?

Daniel Rajcsanyi - The German Jed Anderson?

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Check Daniel Rajcsanyi’s profile from the RockOn snowboard shop and see if it reminds you of a certain Canadian tight-stanced ripper…

We got contacted by a guy called Phillip letting us know about the RockOn snowboard shop team that they’ve got together, and that they’ll be dropping edits of their team riders. We checked out the first, featuring German shred Daniel Rajcsanyi that was filmed as he took on the Stairset Battle at the Air&Style Munich, and it was pretty darned good. Dani’s style and tech approach to rails reminded us of a certain Jed Anderson – check the gap to front board on the flat of the kink. Sick! Stay tuned for more….


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