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Slightly Weird One-Foot Pop Shuvit Snowboarding From the Czech Republic

Remember that fad from a little while back where jib Jeremy Jones would file down the teeth on his baseplate so he could do pop shuvit/whip style tricks? Well these Czech guys just took that concept to a whole new level…

We’re not entirely sure what these Czech dudes had in mind when they came up with the idea for this video – we envisage it being something along the lines of: “remember that weird one-foot stuff that Jeremy Jones used to do that a bunch of people hated on? Well, why don’t we do a whole edit of that stuff with fastplants, bigspins and even more weird shit, and use a terrible song that sounds like a pig farting for extra randomness.”

Make of this what you will, but these guys looked like they had a lot of fun making this so props for that!




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