Crew Edits

Stepchild’s Jib Children Have Got Bangers in Bangerang

Nowamean’s film Bangerang is, fittingly, full of Bangers – and the Stepchild members of the crew are responsible for more than a few of them. So of course we’re stoked that they’ve decided to put together this edit/teaser full of footage from the film – Dillon Ojo, LP Dorval , Emile Veilleux and Nik Zik smack it on behalf of Quebec, these jib kids are on the ball.

No doubt you’ll be left saying ‘HOW can i see more of this sheeiit’, in which case double check that you’ve seen Dillon Ojo’s Bangarang FULL PART, and Phil Tardif and Nic Marcoux’s hammers that dropped this week.

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