Crew Edits

Smokin Snowboards Smoke Mt Hood

Smokin’ Snowboards give us a little flashback to summer in their tasty team edit from Mt Hood.

Weeks after the rest of the world has finished posting their final edits from this 2013 Summer at Mt Hood, Smokin’ Snowboards (like a typical rebel) comes cruising into class late to turn in their homework.

Edit #3, “Stay Smokin’ @ Mt. Hood” is no lackey art project though. We gathered all the remaining footage stockpiled and put together a summer ender worthy of an A+. We got the whole crew of riders persent this summer at Hood together for this final edit and farewell to the summer slush fest.

Featuring the riding of:
Hailey Mattingley
Taelor Mattingley
Jay Britton
Cody Potter
Kaleah Opal Driscoll
Colin Langlois
Jordan Wells
Bryce Salazar
And Jake Rose

Big thanks are due to all of the people that made our first official summer at Mt Hood our best yet.

iNi Co-operative
Windell’s Snowboard Camp
High Cascade Snowboard Camp
Mt. Hood Ski and Snowboard Camp
As well as the staff at Timberline and Mt. Hood Meadows

Filmed and edited by Matt Mead of Thumprint Media.