Crew Edits

Kalle Ohlson and Sami Luhtanen – Pirates Attack at Blue Tomato Kingspark Hochkönig

We got sent this edit anonymously today, accompanied only by the phrase “Kalle and Sami fucking your goddam eyes out”… and needless to say we were intrigued…

Of course, (luckily…) Kalle Ohlson and Sami Luhtanen didn’t actually dismember our eye sockets, but they did put on a hell of a show! They took a weekend off filming tricks for the next Pirate Movie Productions film to check out the Kingspark in Hochkönig, Austria and had a sick session too…

Watch out for Kalle’s overly nose-blunted rainbow rail at 0.35 and that tag-team move they pull on the flat box, looks like fun!



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