Coin Coin & Friends’ 3 Days Before Xmas Another edit from What We Want Films – Gerome ‘Coin Coin’ Mathieu, Tyler Chorlton and the man known as Serge – has dropped. Powder riding and rainy jibbing all within the space of a couple of days? The boys make the most of an erratic few days before the godfesting. Let’s hope for more of the former and less of the latter from here on in…

Gérome Mathieu and Valérian Ducourtil joined Serge at his home spot of Leysin to shoot for 3 days before going home for Christmas. Christian Weber joined the crew for some jib spots but unfortunately due to the rainy conditions, the sessions were not as good as expected. Anyway we managed to shoot some stuff to do a little edit for the end of 2011.