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Close Call - Snowboarder Almost Makes A Skier Pancake

Close Call - Snowboarder Almost Makes A Skier Pancake

Mike Brindley Mike Brindley

Ok – here’s another one that could easily descend into a skier/snowboarder debate. But let’s not go there. Two things went wrong in this vid of a close call between a snowboarder and a skier – and as far as we can tell, both parties are to blame…

Starting off with the obvious – HANGING AROUND ON THE UNDERSIDE OF A CORNICE IS A BAD IDEA. It really isn’t the spot for a picnic … Even if you’ve just taken a fall, get your ass moving as soon as possible…

And equally – SENDING IT BLIND OFF A CORNICE ISN’T GREAT EITHER. You might shred there every week – but who knows what has changed and who/what might be in your landing spot. YES – ripping like you haven’t got a care in the world is fun, but you still might want to think about safety occasionally.

Nagging parent moment over… on a lighter note we would have loved to see this from the skier’s point of view – close calls don’t come much tighter than this…



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