Celia Miller and Chad Otterstrom's Parts from 'It's Our Fault'

Does anyone remember the SixEleven ‘It’s Our Fault’ teaser we posted a year ago? We know, we know, it’s hard enough remembering last night! Well, SixEleven is a film crew from Colorado, and apparently, they are about to drop this fine movie part by part, starting with the O’Neill flagship Celia Miller and Colorado  legend Chad Otterstrom. Why they used this song? We don’t have a clue.

When it’s all said and done, who’s to really blame? Most likely it’s a group effort of all parties involved, but sometimes you just have to point the finger at someone.
With most of our time this season spent getting hurt, pulling pranks, being american, or bailing people out of jail, there was barely enough time to focus on filming a movie. So it is the riders? Or maybe the filmers? Well, one thing is for sure, plain and simple… IT’S OUR FAULT!

Produced by: 
SixEleven Productions

Directed by: 
Mike Peterson and Steven Waters

Executive Producer: 
Mike Peterson

Principle Cinematography: 
Mike Peterson
Josiah Holwick
George Knowles
Dylan Pfhol

Edited By:
Mike Peterson
Josiah Holwick
George Knowles

 Chad Otterstrom / SixEleven
Mind the Video Man

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