Product Lowdown – Dakine Team Heli Pro

Heading out of bounds? Or even just wanting a pack to stash your swag for long days in the park or cruising the hill? Take a look at the Dakine Team Heli Pro…

If you’re looking for a pack to ride with, or hike with for that matter, they don’t come much better than the Dakine Team HeliPro. This 20-litre bag is big enough to stash extra layers, water, lunch and, hell, maybe a post session beer, but has a great harness system and is low-profile enough that you barely feel it when it’s on. Strapping on your board is easy, it will take a hydration system, your avalanche gear and even has laptop and organiser pockets for multi-functionality. The model shown is Wolle Nyvelt’s pro model colourway, but there’s a selection of others to choose from according to your taste.

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