Head Jib Factory Returns

This year the Head Jib Factory by Alex Tank will be on for the second year, this time set to go down in a secret spot in Allgau. Find out more…

To keep it fresh, shit’s been mixed up from last year, but the basic idea still remains: having a mellow but progressive jib session by snowboarders for snowboarders.

Here some things that have been freshened up…

– Prizemoney (5000 € overall)

– Different Location without a crowd so the riders don’t get disturbed and can really focus on their riding and don’t have any pressure.

– The Park is way bigger (at the moment we are building four new obstacles only for this session)

– The session is on for two days (23rd-24th of April)

– 20 Invited international Riders

– People can apply for wildcards

Here is a list of already confirmed riders:

– Alex Tank GER
– Benny Urban GER
– Dani Raycsani GER
– Ludwig Lejkner SWE
– Marc Swoboda AUT
– Robert Butscher GER
– Boris Bühler SUI
– Toni Kerkela FIN
– Fredrik Evensen NOR
– Michi Miethig GER
– Julien Emch SUI