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Watch second Part of Westbeach heritage film

The Westbeach Classic, Partying and Whistler Culture…

Rolling with the inspiration of Canada day Westbeach is getting a little nostalgic with our latest Heritage Project’s short film release. This Heritage Project short gives a inside peek into what
was Canada’s biggest deal in the Snowboard competition circuit, the Westbeach Classic! Dano Pendygrasse, JP Walker, Kevin Sansalone, Roberta Rodgers and more reminisce on what impact the Westbeach Classic had on their careers, what it did for snowboarding, partying and Whistler culture.

This short has been created in support of “Out West, snowboarding, Westbeach, and a new Canadian dream”, our full colour 120 page book which has been tasked to Dano Pendygrasse.
As former Transworld Snowboarding senior photographer, Future Magazine photo editor founder, and Westbeach team rider, Dano is an authority on the sport in Canada, he lived it!
From the humble beginnings of the backyard shred and resort banned snowboarding, through its ‘boom in the 90’s that saw Canadian riders and companies take the world stage, to where we are at today, there is quite a story to be told.
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