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This Video Sucks - JP Walker.

This Video Sucks - JP Walker.

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

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The final installment of ThirtyTwo and Stepchild‘s combined movie sees the man known as The Don go for something unique for his umpteenth movie part.

To freshen things up and give himself a challenge JP decided all his tricks should be done switch. Fakie. Backwards. In reverse. What the hell?

Mad props, Reklaw PJ. Still one of the gnarliest in the game.

  1. !@#$%^&JP

    this seg is pretty damn impressive. JP is such a class act. And I agree…”what’s left to do?” is a real question for him. But if you love golf, and love to watch Tiger play the game, how into would you be if he was to play all lefty? or with just a 2-iron? Even tho he would still beat 95% of everyone with that 2-iron you wouldn’t be witnessing His Best. I’m left (sic) with a feeling of what could have been…i dont think they tried hard enuf to find something worth shooting. But it leaves me hungry for more jp footy…

  2. john

    this is epiiiiiic! yeah jp!


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