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Storbis Shopfloor Teaser On Onboard TV

Teasers for next season’s shred flicks will be coming in thick and fast over the coming months, so make sure you’re keeping tabs on our Teasers section. Up now is the offering from the Fabulous Furry Finns at Storbis…

Check out the new Storbis “Shopfloor” trailer 1 on Onboard TV, and daily new stuff at the pride blog on the Storbis blog.

Storbis “Shopfloor” (2008) will be available with Onboard European Snowboard Magazine #99, on sale 28th August.

Rasmus & The Storbis Boys
Eero Ettala
Janne Heiskanen
Thomas Harstad
Jussi Tarvainen
Andreas Wiig
Jaakko Seppälä
Ali Toppinen
Antti Kurula
Jukka Erätuli
Janne Korpi
Anssi Manninen
Hakon Tonnesen
Heikki Sorsa
Teo Konttinen

Looks like Rasmus and the boys stepped it up again in terms of filming, and there’s word of a wild marmott running amok in there too. Can’t wait for this bad boy.

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