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"Let´s Go Get Lost" - First Isenseven Teaser 2009

"Let´s Go Get Lost" - First Isenseven Teaser 2009

Thought Isenseven is dead? Indeed they were. While the season started highly promising, Isenseven had to overcome some unforeseen obstacles the past few months. Major injuries, some industry inconveniences, a stolen camera and hard drive crashes, to just name a few. At the same time, Europe got blessed with a humongous amount of snow, making them ditch all previous plans and get lost in places they thought they would never end up. After enjoying dark rail nights in Scandinavia or sitting in Swiss mountain towns waiting for the sun to come out (what rarely happend), they´re back more alive than ever and can proudly present their first teaser for the upcoming project “Let’s Go Get Lost” – which perfectly describes this years theme. Cause getting lost is more fun anyways.

Click on the link to watch the most versatile, personal and visually stunning Isenseven video ever.


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