Top 3 Runs from Burton European Open 2012 Halfpipe Finals – Videos

This is Iouri's victory lap peppered with monster straight airs. His mad tech second run was what he clinched the men's BEO pipe crown with and you can watch it below. Photo: Burrows.

We brought you the report and gallery from Saturday’s ever-awesome BEO halfpipe finals yesterday, and now you can relive the action with the videos of the top 3 runs from the men and women, including Iouri Podladtchikov and Kelly Clark’s first place boomers.

Men’s 1st – Iouri Podladtchikov

Men’s 2nd – Danny Davis

Men’s 3rd – Ryo Ayono

Women’s 1st – Kelly Clark

Women’s 2nd – Gretchen Bleiler

Women’s 3rd – Yuki Furihata