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Spring in the Park

Spring in the Park

When: Sun 30th of March 2008

Where: Zugspitze, Germany

March 31, 2008: Again, the SPRING IN THE PARK freestyle camp on Germany’s highest mountain proved to be a big success. Over the past two weeks, up to 250 participants gathered daily at the Terrain Park Zugspitze to practice new tricks on the rails and kickers and to be coached by pro riders. 20-year-old snowboarder Tobias Theisen from Munich (GER) and 18-year-old freeskier Sonja Elsner from Weilheim (GER) won the “Sponsor me” contest on Saturday.

For the third time, SPRING IN THE PARK took place on the Zugspitze. As in the previous years, the feedback was great and riders from all over Germany came to Garmisch-Partenkirchen to take part in the two-week camp. The Terrain Park Zugspitze offered the riders loads of different rails and kickers to improve their skills on. In addition, the kids also had the opportunity to test the newest products by K2 and RIDE. Nearly every night, a party took place at Garmisch’s Lodge am Hausberg bar.

After a sunny start on the first weekend, the weather changed to more inconsistent conditions, and especially in the second week head shaper Karl Killer’s crew had a lot of work to do to free the obstacles from up to one meter of freshies. The participants were more than thankful for the shapers’ efforts and rode the rails and boxes of the rail area when visibility was too sketchy to jump the booters. “The camp was really nice in terms of set-up and work”, snowboard star and camp supervisor Xaver Hoffmann stated. “The weather gods sent a bit too much snow but on the other side that also meant loads of powder: kickers, rails and powder – enough to go round!”

During both weeks, K2 and RIDE SNOWBOARDS team riders stayed at the Zugspitze to coach the participants and to give them precious tips to improve their slopestyle skills. The Girl’s Week saw coaches like female freeskiers Michelle Parker (USA) and Maxi Boehme (GER), other new school pros at place were Alex Hlawitschka (GER), Korbinian Resenberger (GER), Felix Wiemers (GER), Patrick Verwilligen (GER) and Christian Fischer (GER). The snowboarders were coached by riders like Jens Kretschmer (GER), Manuel Tapal (GER), Marcel Dextor (GER) and Sebi Schmitz (GER).

On Saturday, March 29, the camp came to a close with the “Sponsor Me” contest, where all riders had the opportunity to show what they had learnt over the previous weeks. During the sunny two-hour jam session, the jury, lead by head judge Xaver Hoffmann, looked for the overall impression on rails and kickers. Munich local Tobias Theisen won the coveted deal for the national RIDE team whilst Sonja Elsner showed the boys who wears the pants and took the K2 skis “local hero” deal. “We looked for safe and controlled riding”, Xaver Hoffmann explained. “Both riders showed clean landings and neat tricks.” After the prize-giving, the other participants were blessed too when it rained non-cash prizes by K2 and RIDE as well as tickets from Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG on the crowd.

“We were pleased that so many riders accepted our offer and we are already looking forward to SPRING IN THE PARK 2009!“, Eva-Maria Greimel from the organisers Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG summed up. With a last Saturday night party at Lodge am Hausberg and another sunny coaching day on Sunday, SPRING IN THE PARK came to a close – though the Terrain Park with its kickers and rails is still open until May 04th for anyone who wants to ride it!

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Spring in the Park

Spring in the Park

Spring in the Park: 31st March – 15th April 2007

Spring in the Park

The Funpark Zugspitze invites freeskiers and snowboarders to take part in the big spring camp on Germany’s highest mountain, so two weeks of freestyle fun and spring sun is the agenda for this years Spring in the Park.

For two weeks, freeskiers and snowboarders will really get their money’s worth at the funpark Zugspitze.

The event will be the spring highlight with free coaching, equipment tests, special girl’s offerings and an old school contest on 7th April 2007.

They can tempt you even more to come to Germany’s hottest spot with special offers for accommodation and lift tickets.

Ladies First: The Girl’s Week

Top ski and snowboard pros of the K2 and RIDE teams will advise riders how to perfect their tricks on rails and kickers and teach of how to perform to a high standard.

At the girl’s week from 31st March to 6th April, Michelle Parker (USA) will coach the slopestyle ski girls, while Martina Tscharner (SUI), Madeline Sehrank (GER) and Alex Hlawitschka (GER) will be taking care of the female snowboarders.

Spring in the Park

Additionally, from 2nd – 6th April, a female fitness trainer will do some stretching with the riders to help them warm up – something that not many riders do regularly.

On Thursday evening on 5th April, the girls can meet up at and chill at the Get Together at Lodge Music bar near Hausberg.

Don’t forget – the boys are also welcome at the funpark during this first week of SPRING IN THE PARK.

Coaching and photo download

From 8th – 15th April, K2 team rider Andreas Mone Monsberger (AUT) and RIDE pro Reto Kestenholz (SUI) will coach the male snowboarders and K2 rider Daniel Schiebl (GER) will look after the male freeskiers.

The camp is particularly embracing beginners this year – a new Easy Park near the Relax and Test area is waiting for them and our set up is even better than last year!

A professional photographer will be taking pictures of all the participants. They can download high resolution pictures of their airs and railslides free from websites www.zugspitze.de and www.snowparkguide.com.

Spring in the Park

Free Tests and Old School contest

Over both weeks, participants can lend out and test the newest ski and snowboard equipment for free at K2 and RIDE booths – plus you can even get your hands on the brand new 2007/08 material!

An old school contest will take place on the 2nd weekend on 7th April. Inscription will happen at the Relax and Test area and there will be prizes for the best outfit, best trick and best overall winner. The judges, the pros of K2 and RIDE teams, will be looking out for old school tricks like handplants and rocket airs but will also be welcoming a mix of old and new moves.

Also up for grabs are 8 twin tickets for Zugspitze as well as prizes by K2, RIDE and Planet Earth.

Sleep and Ride offers

The Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG together with Garmisch-Pertenkirchen and Grainau offers special ‘sleep and ride’ opportunities for all participants from 31st March – 15th April. These include 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 overnight stays including breakfast, ski passes and resort tax on visitors. Offers are available in various categories, for example, a youth up to 20 years pays just 95 Euros for two nights in Garnusch-Partenkirche and three nights in Grainau is just 115 Euros.

For more information and booking requirements, please see www.garmisch-partenkirchen.de and www.grainau.de

All news and information on SPRING IN THE PARK is displayed on www.snowparkguide.com and www.zugspitze.de