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Shaun White & Kelly Clark win Burton US Open Halfpipe

Shaun White & Kelly Clark win Burton US Open Halfpipe

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Watch the top runs from the insanity that was the Burton US Open pipe finals. Shaun and Kelly killed it, but Ayumu… AYUMU!

Prior to the finals everyone had been raving about how Vail’s pipe was one of the best ever built, and after witnessing the finals it’d be hard to disagree. The level of riding, specifically the amplitude these guys and girls were getting, was next level. Shaun and Kelly won – which is no great surprise – but they were both given a run for their money by two kids who represent the future of men’s and women’s pipe riding: 14-year-old Ayumu Hirano and 16-year-old Arielle Gold both were arguably the people’s champions and showed that they’ll be deeply involved in writing pipe riding’s next few chapters. Props must also go to Christian Haller for the best Method of the day that, sadly, we couldn’t find a clip of. We saw it, Hitch, we saw it…

***Warning: Most of these videos contain AWFUL music. Set machines to mute.***


1 – Shaun White

2 – Ayumu Hirano

3 – Louie Vito


1 – Kelly Clark

2 – Hannah Teter

3 – Arielle Gold


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