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The Arctic Challenge 2014 – The Halfpipe Revolution – “Riders arriving / Mini Park Session”

Riders have begun drifting into Oslo for the next chapter of Terje Haakonsen’s progressive brainchild event, The Arctic Challenge. Check out what some of them reckon as they rip the minishred…

Terje Haakonsen thinks that the standardization of the pipes and the competition formats has weakened the interest in halfpipe riding. He says that fewer and fewer riders start their career in the halfpipe. That’s why he now starts with an experiment: he wants to put “freestyle” back into halfpipe riding. In doing so, he wants to test different competition formats and add innovative obstacles to the pipe. Saying he doesn’t yet have the “final formula” for this new event format, he conceived the Arctic Challenge 2014 as “work in progress“ that is open to constant changes. Shapers and riders alike have to bring in their creativity! At the finals on March 15, the huge Oslo crowd will experience an innovative celebration of next-level halfpipe riding.

The Clip shows a little relaxed side of the event with the new arrivals shredding the Mini Park and slope.